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American Battle Championship Event Recap


American Battle Championship Event Recap is honored to have been a part of the American Battle Championship (ABC) event at The Venue in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.  It was a night full of very accomplished and entertaining up-and-coming fighters giving it their all in what amounted to a truly action packed event.

The co-main event featured the powerful (and entertaining) Phillip “The Future” Teixeira (2-3), against Christopher Westin (1-5), in an all-action brawl.  Round one featured plenty of back-and-forth action, with Teixeira bringing the fight to Westin, getting the better of the exchanges, and landing a punishing flurry of punches at the end of the round.  Round two was more of a jiu-jitsu and wrestling battle, as both men attempted to impose their will and scrambled for control.  Teixeira’s power may have given him the slight edge in a very close round two, and he was in top-control at the end of the round.  In round three, after some scrambling and jiu-jitsu, Teixeira sealed the deal with a vicious slam (the impact of which was lessened by Westin’s grabbing of the cage), and earned the decision.  All in all, Teixeira was the bull to Westin’s matador, and in this fight, the matador messed with the bull and got the horns.  We look forward to seeing more of Teixeira’s mauling, aggressive style in the future.

The main event was for the 145lb American Battle Championship belt and featured the champ, Richard Dehnz (6-1), against a very game challenger in Nick Mitchell (5-1).  While the fight was competitive, Dehnz used his strong, state-champion wrestling base combined with some solid striking to cruise to victory.   In a close round one, Dehnz got the better of the exchanges and spent more time in top-control than Mitchell.  Round two saw a lot of good scrambles and exchanges with Dehnz seeming to get the better of them.  Mitchell did manage to take Dehnz down, but did not inflict any damage.  A lull in the action caused the referee to stand the fighters back up.  Dehnz was then able to take Mitchell down and control the fight with some solid ground and pound.  In the final round, Dehnz was controlling the action and landing some solid strikes.  About midway through the round however, Mitchell slapped on a savage guillotine during a Dehnz takedown attempt.  With his victory potentially fading, Dehnz urgently postured up in order to avoid being choked-out, was able to free himself from Mitchell’s grip, and continued his top control.  In the end, the decision went to Dehnz who retained his belt.

Notably, we believe both fighters’ stocks rose in this fight, as Dehnz (while not confirmed) was rumored not to have made the 145lb weight limit because of the flu.  Mitchell continued on with the fight regardless, and kept the fight very competitive. would once again like to thank Aaron Rajman, and Sky Moiseichik for allowing us to cover the event.  We would also like to thank the fighters for allowing us to interview them, the fans for coming out and supporting the local MMA scene, and the lovely staff at the Venue in Ft. Lauderdale.

Check out our gallery below.

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Video & Photography Production By: Armando Riviere

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